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Local Flying Sites

No unread posts Rougham Airfield
60ish acres of short grass and a welcoming bunch! 
Flying most Sundays but check before you leave home.
Free first fly then two you have to pay for the 
next session after that you have to join! 
Suffolk Kite Flyers
No unread posts Old Hunstanton Beach
Land :- Ripply beach and wet 
(But maybe I've just been on the wrong days!)
You must fly to the right of the Lifeboat house. 
Tension seems to be rising at this site so please 
observe flying area's and ask a kiter if you are unsure.
No unread posts Hunstanton
Kitesurf area 
tide goes out a long way and does leave lagoons.
No wheeled traction allowed.
No unread posts Brancaster
Kitesurf is good due to shallows.
Firm sand for static/traction.
Kitesurf, stay above the line from golfcourse to wreck

Land, no wheeled traction unless you are a member..
No unread posts Barnham Cross Common
40acres of cut grass 
Dog land mines are abundant as are molehills. 
Lumpy inland wind
Non known...
No unread posts Camber Sands
Kitesurf and Traction.
busy spot in the summer due to nearby holiday camps. 
Take care aroundthe groynes...
Non known but check before going!