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FBI Crew

No unread posts Richard 'Hank' Dent
Kiting out of south central Long Stratton, Hank brings buggy/landboard/kitesurf skills. Well known for his fondness of babybel and HQ Kites which powered him through to 1st place in the 2012 BKSA Buggy championships.
No unread posts James 'BeardyJim' Coleman!
For sheer volume alone Beardy is deserving of this top of this list placement, however Hank has bigger and heavier bones. Jim needs big kites and gadgets aplenty. Known to buggy/board/kitesurf and banter.
No unread posts Jon 'Moz' Moret
Moz is most often seen behind the lens creating silk purses from sows ears. He has been known to buggy once in a while and even threatens to get proper wet and kitesurf in 2007. (also quite a good PR officer)
No unread posts Robin 'mad rob' Howson
Rob is 100% kite addicted but doesn't bounce as well as he used to. When not in plaster he boards/buggies/kitesurfs and talks northern. Also spends goodly chunks of time behind the lens of video camera's.
No unread posts BigGingerPete
His name is Pete, He is physically large, He has no hair... BigGingerPete is an anachronism and a kiting addict, he has probably flown more in the past few months than Freddie Laker ever did. He appears to be a semi permanent fixture at Tibenham (or anywhere that has wind!)
No unread posts 'Daphne' Coleman
Daphne is a warm weather flyer and ardent supporter of our roadtrips. Static flying/Buggying/kitesurfing are in her quiver! Common catchphrase is "Is there a veggie option?".
No unread posts Docgreen
Doc had his fear gland removed at a young age and since discovering buggy jumping has found an output for his unnatural energies. Liable to be found part welded to a Flexi bug and equipped with blades.
No unread posts Captain Van Page
All information pertaining to the Captains current active status is classified. He has logged your ip and He does know where you keep your stash.
No unread posts Mrs BGP
To enable Mrs BGP to spend time with BGP she has had to learn how to buggy to keep up. This makes a welcome edition to the FBI ranks.
No unread posts Rich
The inventor of the buggy endo and winner of the most garish outfit of 2006. Came through the OobbeeDave instruction school and has nearly recovered from it.
No unread posts Dave 'OobbeeDave' Pitchford
Dave is a buggy instructor and earned the nickname by years of perfecting the oobbee. Often seen chasing sprits around. Libre PIMP! (also known to like cake)
No unread posts Tim2
Tim2 is the only person I know who has a buggy that is bigger than his car (and it probably weighs more as well!). Don't borrow his kites straight from the bag though as he parapacks them!